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The more we wake up to our multidimensional levels of what we are, the deeper our memories and awareness reach.

As multidimensional beings, there is great liberation and empowerment that comes with un-writing our story, whether it be personal, of our soul’s journey, or beyond. The more we unwind our identities through out all time-space-liftimes-dimensions-universes-and beyond, the deeper our TRUE INNER FREEDOM unfolds within us.

Clearing out our old wounding and stories of who we think we are, helps to launch us forward into BEing the galactic presence that is our true nature.

Ready to open yourself to even deeper levels of your multidimensional nature?

Join us as we dive into the unraveling process of blinding beliefs, programming, thought forms, etc that block your multidimensional perceptions and trust in ourselves and our inner knowing.

All skill levels welcome.

Where:  online webinar link

Investment: $25

When: 10 am MST , Saturdays 03/24, 04/14, 04/28 

A link for the recording will also be provided 24 hours after the event.

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LIVE talk in Arvada  March 22nd!

Where: GEAF Gifts, LLC 6774 W 66th Ave, Arvada, Colorado 80003
When:Thursday, March 22 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
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Beings that have been chalked up as myth fairy tales and legends are actually playing a vital role in the awakening of humanity to their multidimensional nature.

Walking between realms is an innate human ability. We are all hard wired to perceive multidimensionally. Why does it appear that most of humanity lack the ability? We will discuss this issue and much more.

Some topics we may explore more deeply
· Multi-Dimensional lenses of perception—We all have them!
· Awakening to the soul’s journey
· Navigating timeline trajectories
· Sasquatch teachings connecting our heart songs
· Keys to accelerating DNA consciousness

Immediately following the talk, Christina will offer a group activation session for those who wish to experience these cutting edge techniques and benefit from their multi-dimensional lenses being opened.


Rise of Multi-Dimensional Human & Sasquatch Connection w/ Christina Schwind

Thursday, Mar 22, 2018, 6:30 PM

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church
6774 W. 66th Avenue Arvada, CO

11 Knowledge Seekers Attending

Rise of the Multi-Dimensional Human and The Sasquatch Connection On-set of a global shamanic paradigm During this paradigm shattering discussion, we will be talking about multi-dimensional awarenesses, navigating timelines, keys to taking quantum leaps forward in your healing and intuitive abilities, much much more. Walking between realms is an inn…

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Lightbody Therapeutics is awakening galactic humans everywhere!

If you are interested in jump-starting your multi-dimensional acceleration and liberation from the matrix, I invite you to join our group Rise of the Multi-Dimensional Human on Facebook.

This is a group of liked minded beings that have a sense that they are awakening to their multi-dimensional nature and want to connect with others on a similar path. 

The top priority of this group is to offer insights and tools to assist YOU with multidimensional LIBERATION and EMPOWERMENT.

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