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Online Lightbody Activations

All of our incarnational experiences are influenced by the organizing principal of our light body. By tracking into and removing templates anchored into our light body blueprint we can effectively shift inner rhythms that are creating our external experiences in the here and now.

Clearing out our old wounding and stories of who we think we are helps to launch us forward into BEing the galactic presence that is our true nature.

Next activation topic: Inner Trust

Join us as we  also begin the journey of the unraveling process of blinding beliefs, programming, thought forms, etc that block your Multi-dimensional perceptions and trust in ourselves and our inner knowing.

All skill levels welcome.

Where:  online via link provided

Investment: $25

When: Saturdays 11/11 @ 10am, 11/25 @ 10am, 12/9 @ 10am, 12/23 10am

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A link for the recording will also be provided 24 hours after the event.

    Lightbody Acceleration Training


Lightbody Acceleration Training is an online program for intuitives, energy workers, and empaths interested in accelerating their multidimensional perceptions.

Are you ready to expanded beyond your current limitations and step even more deeply into your power?

This next semester our focus is activating our multidimensional leneses hard wired into our physicality, working with and expanding our personal inter-dimensional healing entourage, integrating our soul essence of existences beyond the human experience.

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