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Online Lightbody Activations

All of our incarnational experiences are influenced by the organizing principal of our light body. By tracking into and removing templates anchored into our light body blueprint we can effectively shift inner rhythms that are creating our external experiences in the here and now.

Next activation topic: Feeling Powerless

You know that feeling of knowing there is something you need to change or have healed but you have no idea what to do or where to turn?

We often get stuck in that feeling like its an endless loop and we feel powerless in our ability to break through or change it.

If we are indeed infinite beings having a human experience why does that mental-emotional loop capture us?

During this next activation we will be tracking into the underlying causes of these experiences.

Join us as we awaken deeply latent aspects of your psychic eye and inner knowing. We also begin the journey of the unraveling process of blinding beliefs, programming, thought forms, etc that block your Multi-dimensional perceptions and trust in ourselves and our inner knowing.

Ready to open yourself to even deeper levels of your infinite nature? 

All skill levels welcome.

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Where:  online via link provided

Investment: $25

When: Saturdays 06/24 @ 10 am MDT,  07/15 @ 10 am MDT, 07/22 @ 10 am MDT, 08/12 @ 10 am MDT, 08/26 @ 10 am MDT

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    Online Intuitive Development Program!


The next semester begins July 1st, 2017!

Lightbody Intuitive Development Program is a program for intuitives, energy workers, and empaths interested in accelerating their multidimensional perceptions.

Are you ready to expanded beyond your current limitations and truly step into your power?

This next semester our focus is activating our multidimensional leneses hard wired into our physicallity, working with and expanding our personal healing entourage, integrating our soul essence of existences beyond the human experience.

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Empath Empowerment Training

Live in-person training in Longmont, CO

Are you picking up energies from your friends, family, or even clients?
Is it a challenge to decipher what is yours and what isn’t?

Most of my life I was an energetic and psychic sponge and to compound the issue, I was surrounded by abusive toxic people.

No matter how off people were, I could not ignore my feels compassion for the situation of others and often ‘took on’ their emotions just to help them feel better.

Sound familiar?  If so, you are most likely an empath too.

There is so much convoluted information about energetic exchanges emapths experience.  Many feel the double edged nature of their gifts.

What if is doesn’t have to be that way?

What if their does not have to be a dark side to being  “sensitive”?

Transforming the dark side of your empathic and intuitive gifts into your greatest blessings is possible and easier than one might think.  During this intro experiential workshop we will dive into the nature energy exchanges, explore the mechanisms of taking on energy, and how to regain control of your energy field.  You will have direct experiences that will empower you and, if practiced, will change the way you experience the world.

The main topics we will explore:

  1. Why shielding doesn’t work.
  2. Why empaths take on energies of others – is it natural?
  3. The significance to staying in your body
  4. The power of healthy empathic presence


Where: The Liberation Center 442 Main Street, Longmont
When: Sundays August 13th 10 am – 4 pm
Tuition: $99