Challenges awaken us

12799142_10208665703547379_3991065812421306976_nWhen our ego is facing giving up a part of it’s identity, it literally feels like your gonna die.  You entire body, emotions and thoughts become wrenched.  The trick to releasing the energy is to relaxing into it.  Actually let your body go limp as you watch and experience anger, fear, heart break etc…

When your soul is calling in circumstances, wild horses can’t keep it from coming to pass. It may get slowed down, especially when it meets intense resistance because some part of ourselves  knows that everything our minds are attached to and think is important is about to get blown out of the water.

The fact is – we are not who we THINK we are, and NOW is the time that our hearts are giving the command to release us from our mental prison.  The more willing we are to let go, the more accelerated our awakening can be.

This month, March 2016 is a powerful time of shattering the barriers within, shattering that which  hinder our ability to consciously connection to our inner core being.

I see it more and more every day in the people coming into my office.  There is no doubt about it. Now is the time for liberation. Now is the time of the great Awakening.

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