Feeling “Triggered” 1

Next time you feel triggered; That is, when you have an emotional reaction and you are repeating the same words and story in your mind over and over of why the other person is at fault.
12734267_10207378723564570_310467022716988732_nInstead of dwelling in the mind trap, try dropping into the emotion that has been triggered, allow it, say “yes” to it, make it really big so that the emotion can completely over come you. As you continue to surrender into the feeling you’ll notice that there is another emotion underneath the one you are focusing upon.

As you let the process continue the emotional body will begin to unravel releasing mass amounts of interference frequencies from the body that get in the way you being present in your body and expressing your true nature; which is naturally calm, loving and peaceful.
In this way everybody in your life can be a catalyst for personal growth and healing. In the beginning this process is terrifying and extremely difficult, which is why very few folks actually are about to fully embrace this kind of process. It requires a deep level of surrender and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Two practices that the ego will fight tooth and nail.
Luckily, it gets easier with practice. 🙂

Consider this perspective next time you feel hurt or wronged by somebody. It will completely change the experience. You will go from being a victim to being empowered.

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