Spiritual Acceleration: Awaken Thyself

Get in command of your energyfield!

Are your sensitives taking over your life?

Do you feel like you “take on” other people’s energyphoto-1440557958969-404dc361d86f-1024x683 (1)

Empower yourself with the essential skills and techniques for regaining command of your energy field.  This weekend training is an introduction to the techniques and principles of accelerated energy medicine.

We will introduce levels of working with the Spiritual Acceleration process . These techniques facilitate in unwinding the complex patterns of dis-empowerment and self-sabotage. Each technique will greatly enhance your tracking and other intuitive abilities.

If you feel called to continue with the training for your own growth or to assist others, these trainings can serve as prerequisites for the advance Spiritual Acceleration practitioners training with Master Teacher Bonnie Serratore. To read more about Spiritual Acceleration practitioners training click here.


Spiritual Acceleration: Awaken Thyselfofficecorner

When: June 4th & 5th
Sat-Sun 10am-4pm

Where: The Liberation Center, 442 Main St, Longmont CO 80501

This 2-day weekend of hands-on training will introduce you to the basic principles and techniques of managing one’s energy field, protect yourself from foreign energies, and enhance your intuitive knowing.

o Stopping energy leakage – Re-claim your physical and subtle bodies12

o Deepen and expand your abilities to see/sense energy.

o Dismantle programming and belief systems that limit our ability to perceive alternate realities.

o Explore the nature of chakras, auras, and karma

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