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Do you “take on” other people’s energy?Empowered Awakening (1)

Do you know how to stop that from happening?

Are you interested in empowering yourself with the skills and techniques for regaining command of your energy field?

This weekend intensive introduces techniques and principles facilitate unwinding complex patterns of dis-empowerment and self-sabotage.

We will introduce deep levels of working with a spiritual acceleration process… Each technique will greatly enhance your intuitive abilities and tracking skills.


We will deepen into unraveling ingrained belief systems and emotions that hinder our multidimensional awareness and the reclamation of power.

Magnitized Beliefo Stop energy leakage
o Dismantle programming and belief systems that limit multidimensional perception.

o Explore the nature of chakras, auras, and karma

o Deepen and expand your abilities to see/sense energy.

o Unwind the complex inner workings of self-sabotage

o Anchor your awareness into your true power



About the facilitators

cropped-New-Paradigm.pngChristina Schwind is a teacher and activator. She is a powerful light body healer, training with spiritual masters and indigenous elders since she was a teenager. She has a unique and thorough approach to resolving chronic pain, physical effects of stress, and emotional anxiety with cutting edge spiritual acceleration techniques. She has practiced as a professional multidimensional body worker and in light body healing since 2006, sharing wisdom teachings of the ancients and empowering others in transforming their lives and quality of living.

20 years ago Christina  began her work as facilitator as a certified yoga and meditation teacher. For many years she experimented with activating alternate awareness states that are deeply healing physically, emotionally, and mentally.

In the late 90s she began her work with indigenous record keeper Barbara Hand Clow, mastering the multidimensional activation process and working with cosmic / inter-dimensional beings. Several medicine elders from and other spiritual masters with whom she had deep connections with have gifted her transmissions of their lineages.

“20 years ago I was given a vision with a message. My heart’s desire is to weave the highest truth of the old ways into the ways of the New Paradigm. I have worked with masters and lineage holders for decades and now a new body of work has emerged that weaves all the wisdom teaching together. The result is a highly refined and accelerated energy medicine practice that deeply awakens people. “

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Sunrise scene

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