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What are we afraid of?12809598_1154229281256697_3720559070794836616_n

Do you find your self contracting or running in the face of fear?  Or are you terrified of your own anger?

These intense feelings are examples of what folks call our shadow or dark side. The part of us we are too afraid to face, so we stuff down, lock it up, make it go away.

Cutting, self flogging, self punishment and so on are all mechanisms that help us avoid and change the way we feel in a given moment.

A piece of wisdom that I am starting to deeply recognize is that most of humanity has a perverse pleasure in their own suffering.

This is something that has been revealed to us in many of the religious orders of monks and nun. It’s not just in Christianity but some Buddhist teachings and even indigenous lineage teachings. Being able to endure suffering makes us that much more noble and closure to God (the ALL THAT IS consciousness).

There are many distortions about how to work with shadow aspects that arise from within. It is my desire to help clear up these distortions and empower others with a much cleaner and clearer way to unravel our inner darkness, our shadows we are not able to face.

One of the best gateways into what is buried is using the emotional body.  By engaging and following the energy of our emotions we can unravel lots of buried avoidance, anger, and fear that hinder our inner knowing, our inner peace.

The problem for most people is letting go of the mind and perceiving not from the eyes but from knowing.  It goes against all of our conditioning, and habitual way of being,


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