Mind vs Emotion

ElectromagneticOur thoughts and feelings creates our reality and draws to us situations, relationships, & circumstances.

There are so many teachings out there about disciplining the mental body and aligning it with our intentions, divine nature, or still point and so on…

What about the emotional body? There are not so many teachings out there that are examples of unraveling the stuck energies held in our emotional field.  Sure, there are teachings of “controlling” emotions, ignoring them, unplugging from them. But that does not actually unravel the stuck energy. Emotions are scary, powerful, and uncontrollable like ocean waves in a storm. They have the power to completely over take us. They can never be bridled, tamed or disciplined. So as soon as you think you have it figured out even mastered…guess again my darlings.

The only “mastery” that has any use when working with the emotional body is fully feeling and surrendering so the e-motions (energy in motion) can wash through you and be released from the body. Doing so also releases the interference frequencies attached to the emotions that were stuck in the body exacerbating the emotional charge.

This key understanding can be especially helpful to empaths and other sensitive folks that have a difficult time being in with people or in group situations. By putting this understanding into practice, you can fully release energy you “pick up” or “absorb” from others very quickly and build your own sense of empowerment with every interaction. Imagine, how would this single act could change the way you experience others in your life?

Blessings to you on your path of liberation.

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