Walking Between Realms

betweenworldsWalking between realms is an innate human ability. We are all hard wired to perceive multidimensionally.
The problem is that we have all been trained and conditioned with traumas, conclusions, and beliefs that blind us to ourselves. When our alternate perceptual lens become opened and cleared up our awareness expands, easily and effortlessly.

Empaths are a particularly ripe for having their multidimensional lenses opened up and cleared.  Many empathic people are able to allow there emotional body flow freely with little resistance.  This is an essential skill that many folks shut down during their youth.

Emotions are powerful over whelming energies only because we mirrored creekhave so much stuck, traumas, and fears en-lodged in our second chakra lens.  The clear this lens becomes the easier it is to deepen our awareness into our emotional body.  It is through this lens that we connect with the language of our Knowing.
If we are not in harmonic relationship with our emotional body we become cut off from our multidimensional awareness and become trapped in our 3D experience….This underlying reality is one of the many reasons
why being stuck in victimhood, blame, and escapism imprisons us.  Those highly charge feelings closes and cloud up one of our most potent perceptual lenses.

A calm clear emotional body is like a still lake.  We can then get a sense of information available to us from other realms and access their doorways.

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