Consciousness? Yes it is this easy! 

The Axis of Truth and what I learned at the Empowered Awakening Intensive with Christina.Empowered Awakening (1)

What would you do if you were handed the keys to unlock all limitations, the keys to the Kingdoms of God and your Divine Heart, the keys to the Multiverse, and pure Truth? Who would you become? Who would you be? What would you do with your unlimited, boundless power and potential? What would you create? Where would you go? What would be your purpose in life, in death? Now, who are you?


Inspired by this April 29-May 1, 2016 Accelerated Energy Medicine class with Christina Schwind, these are only a few of the new questions that grew out of my experience. And experience it was! Not only did all 13 members make it safely to the Sacred Earth Sanctuary through Colorado’s awesome snowy weather, but all of us had a phenomenal life-altering, reality-changing healing. I am not the same person I was when I first arrived, and we all left knowing our Truth, how to access our Truth via the Axis of Truth (Barbara Hand Clow), and how to hold space staying within our bodies.


12814233_1157919097554382_3372408822919055733_nI have been studying energy, healing, the body and everything life ever since I can remember. As a bodyworker/massage therapist I have searched long and deeply for the answers of how to receive the truest, highest Divine messages from beings like God, my Spirit Guides, Nature’s plants and animals, my body and heart to name a few- all in hot pursuit of healing and unlocking my infinite potential and breaking free of my issues. Many hours and years of meditation and prayer have not accomplished what Christina was able to accomplish in a matter of a few minutes coaching in regards to receiving Truth, knowing how to pursue it further, and being able to clear any block at the root causepermanently. And yes, it really was and is this simple!

The secret? Living in your body by bringing your awareness and staying behind your physical eyes at all times, bringing those internal eyes down into your heart center, looking inside at the worlds within, and standing in your Truth- the Axis of Truth, and seeing through the lenses of different Chakras, especially the Heart. This whole system is a feeling experience, not mental. With this quick, simple instruction I found myself deeply inhabiting my own body, and holding space for some of the most profound healing I have ever been blessed to witness. I finally know what it means to “hold space”. I had no idea it was so easy- it was too easy, and asking a question from this ‘eyes-in-heart space’ was rewarded with immediate, clear, trustable answers. Doubt, simply does not exist here in the Heart. Leaving the Heart field, and entering the Mind sphere is where the doubt arises. If you are doubting my messages here, then you are in that mental sphere. With all my awareness behind my eyes I now know, I have the KNOWING, that I am accessing All That Is and it is real, truthful, clear, easy and simple- this is my doorway into infinity and eternity.



Thank you Christina for your in-lightening class and guidance. Yet again you have forever changed my world, and I am honored to hold this space for all those to come. I feel very strongly, passionately about this Accelerated Energy Medicine work because it’s some of the most awesome, instantaneous healing I’ve ever experienced. I have loved every moment of class with you, and was able to be in every moment because of your teachings. Being in my body and having the ability to hold my own space and just Be is an incredibly precious gift and tool. I honestly feel like I have been given the Keys to the Kingdoms of God and I am boundless, limitless and free. I am here now speechless, quiet and still, full of breath, fully conscious and aware- radiating love and gratitude. Here here to the Awakening and deep peace!

~Ayla Angelo Empowered Awakening May 2016

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