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These questions are from a student who participated in the multi-dimensional activation at the Spring 2016 Empowered Awakening Intensive. The participant was experiencing anger, blocks, and feeling cut off from her awareness and intuitive guidance in the Oneness Consciousness and angelic realms. When she would ask questions of these high dimensional beings she wasn’t getting answers.


Why do I have a sense of being cut off from Oneness consciousness (God)? When I am in the Angelic Realm, why did the frequencies there not answer my questions directed at them? Now I’m having all this anger…


This student was experiencing the nature of her relationship with the higher realms of her own awareness.  This is what it looks like when we experience interferences that are deeply anchored into our being.  In this instants they hindered her abilities to perceive with this level of her awareness.  Anger is a very common emotion when encountering these kinds of blocks.


AristotleQouteMost people would automatically assume that do NOT have the ability of connecting and receiving information from the angelic realms and just leave it at that. This is only a conditioned belief that we are taught by experiences and accept as truth.  But this is not the truth.  The truth is all human beings are hard wired to have multi-dimensional awareness.  Perceiving and engaging with the angelic realms or even the Oneness Consciousness, is innately part of who we are.


It is the intensity of our human experiences that causes us to shut the door to these parts of our selves.  We often shut down these awarenesses at a very young age.  We are told things like, “There is no such thing, it was just your imagination”.  The beliefs of our parents and community-at-large is pushed on us from the time we are in the womb.  As we grow up and mature, our conditioning is such that we habitually make ourselves “wrong”.  Which is plays a major part in why we doubt guidance and other alternate perceptions more often than not.


How many people do you know have issues with negative self-talk?  How often have you made yourself wrong in your own mind thoughts?


When this student went into the realm of Oneness Consciousness, her experience was dull and blank 12195987_927366067338524_5661649357574881827_nwhereas other students were sensing connection, expansion and bliss.  There were several level of awareness we were exploring as a group.  Everybody had an issue with at least one level.  What she is describing is what it feels like to experience interferences that are hindering us.  It feels very real yet we also feel at a loss as to what to do about it.


When we shut down, we yield and adapt to the newly created gaps within our awareness.  We decide on a deep level our being to go with the mainstream flow and compensate, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. We choose to shift our resonance to a place of perceived safety, which means going along with the program – whatever that may be. Our immediate surroundings demand that we do what is “acceptable”. Part of the student’s experience was due to her preconditioned responses and programming into her body at a very early age.  And she is not alone.  We all have it in some way.


Accelerated Energy Medicine brings forward a highly refined process of unraveling these mechanisms at the root level.  This effectively and permanently removes the interferences that blind us to our multi-dimensional awareness.  When our awareness is anchored in our core knowing we become limitless, we walk our daily lives anchored in our truth feeling liberated and boundless.

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