Enter the Dragon

In the mirror I gaze…
Eyes looking back at me
a face I do not truly see
A presence that is foriegn – scary
still eyes within eyes looking back at me
a face I can not truly see
A presence grows larger and larger
I stand, engulfed in its shadow
a face I’m so scared to see
Eyes gazing back at me
larger than life and says
It is time to remember.
Do I dare…too late
I am now aware of whats before me.



On the inter-dimensional and cosmic plains, dragons have a deep and ancient history with earth’s inhabitants and beyond.  To work with dragon medicine is to work with knowledge that awakens consciousness exponentially.  As we journey to awaken our DNA and reclaim our freedom and personal autonomy, each of us has a dragon aspect to reintegrate.  Meeting your personal dragons are empowering.  They are able to download frequencies that uplift denser energies from our subconsciousness and physicality.  That is, frequencies that limit our perceptions.  As the perceptual limits lift a new expanded sense of reality begins to inundate our senses, previous mental enslavement patterns melt to make way for the deep wisdom and knowing of SELF .

It is not easy to make friends with our dragon/draco /reptilian aspects.  Though it yields great personal power, many have trouble resolving the shadow.  It requires us to face and go through our emotional body. To be willing to reclaim your power and personal responsibility for the experiences 100%, is a scary prospect to many. If one is not wanting to let go of playing the roles of blame and victim hood, they hinder the integration of their dragon aspects and will remain mentally enslaved.

Once you’ve said “yes” to integrating your dragon/draco/reptilian aspects, the Universe, ALL THAT IS, God/Goddess, which ever words one prefers to call it, will organize to facilitate and support your integration of this level of SELF.  You’ll have the opportunity to experience reality with entirely different set of rules free of emotional impediments.  Each perceptual shift you integrate, another dimension of freedom opens to you.

Your dragon aspect will free you from the polarity game of black-white, good-bad, right-wrong.  It will free from shackles of mind control programs and manipulations.

Are you ready to step into another dimension of freedom? If so call on dragon.  Look directing and deeply into his eyes,  recognize the light of source behind those eyes and allow him to do the same, say yes to integrating the higher dimensional aspects of SELF and good bye another level of limitation.

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