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The ancient art of soul retrieval that has been given to us by the medicine elders of this planet has ramifications far beyond what most westerners realize. What happens when one begins to retrieve soul/essence that has never been […]

Clearing the Akasha and DNA

 Join multi-dimensional accelerator Christina Schwind as she tracks into a group of intuitives and healers are experiencing frequencies that interfere with their inner trust. If you are interested in participating in activations such as these you can register through […]

Inner Trust

 It is signifcant to our experience in the here-and-now to address and release constructs inherited from our physical lineage. Constructs, as in beliefs, conditioning, prejudices, etc…are inherited. As we clean up these distortions within, the clearer our own inner […]

Ancestral Wounding

Have you ever have your life just fall apart upon returning from a spiritual journey?  Digesting high level transmissions some times do have a fallout.  In this video Christina explain why this happens.  

Spiritual Lightening

There is great power in taking responsibility. The suffering we are experiencing in the here and now stems from ancient dramas that go far beyond this life and your story.   The “story” we tell ourselves as to why […]

Responsibility and Power

In the mirror I gaze… Eyes looking back at me a face I do not truly see A presence that is foriegn – scary still eyes within eyes looking back at me a face I can not truly see […]

Enter the Dragon

These questions are from a student who participated in the multi-dimensional activation at the Spring 2016 Empowered Awakening Intensive. The participant was experiencing anger, blocks, and feeling cut off from her awareness and intuitive guidance in the Oneness Consciousness […]

Feel “cut off” from your inner knowing?

The Axis of Truth and what I learned at the Empowered Awakening Intensive with Christina. What would you do if you were handed the keys to unlock all limitations, the keys to the Kingdoms of God and your Divine Heart, […]

Consciousness? Yes it is this easy! 

Walking between realms is an innate human ability. We are all hard wired to perceive multidimensionally. The problem is that we have all been trained and conditioned with traumas, conclusions, and beliefs that blind us to ourselves. When our […]

Walking Between Realms

Our thoughts and feelings creates our reality and draws to us situations, relationships, & circumstances. There are so many teachings out there about disciplining the mental body and aligning it with our intentions, divine nature, or still point and […]

Mind vs Emotion

What are we afraid of? Do you find your self contracting or running in the face of fear?  Or are you terrified of your own anger? These intense feelings are examples of what folks call our shadow or dark […]

Our Dark Side

Do you “take on” other people’s energy? Do you know how to stop that from happening? Are you interested in empowering yourself with the skills and techniques for regaining command of your energy field? This weekend intensive introduces techniques […]

Empowered Awakening Intensive

So true! We strive to understand, we want so badly to know what’s in store for us in the unknown. The catch that so many folks do NOT, can not understand is that your mind is the last part […]

The mind is the last to know