Intuitive Development Registration


So awesome to have you join me in this rabbit hole adverture.  You’ll never experience your reality the same way again.


There are important dates to take note of when enrolling in the Intuitive Development training.

  1. Monthly dispensation calls.  Each call is between 120 – 180 minutes with demo and Q&A. These calls are the cornerstone for all the work we will be doing through each month.   The dates are in mountain time and are as follows.  Oct 07 11:00 am, Nov 04 11:00 am, Dec 02 11:00 am.  
  2. Practice pod sessions are small groups of no more than three students connecting via remote to practice tracking and each others and releasing blinding frequencies.  Additional practice pod dates will be added as they fill.  Pods are open to all past students that have trained with Christina including live intensives.   It is recommended to participate in at least two sessions per month.
  3. Lightbody Activations are available twice a month and a recording is made available. It is recommended to attend at least one per month.
  4. Private acceleration session times will be book after enrollment.  Appointments are available most week days and Saturdays.

Next semester dates and times: All times are in Mountain Time

Monthly Dispensation calls with Q & A
Oct 07 11am
Nov 04 11am
Dec 02 11am

Lightbody Activations      ——      Practice Pod sessions

Oct 14 10am             ——           Oct 08 10 am      

Oct 28 10am             ——             Oct 08 11:30 am      
Nov 11 10am              ——          Oct 14 11:30 am
Nov 25 10am        ——           Oct 28 11:30 am
Dec 09 10am        ——       Nov 05 10 am
Dec 23 10am              ——         Nov 05 11:30 am 
                               ——       Nov 11 11:30 am 
                       ——             Nov 16 10 am
                          ——            Dec 03 10 am
                               ——           Dec 03 11:30am
                        ——           Dec 12 10 am
                         ——           Dec 22 10 am


The Tuition

2 One on one private acceleration sessions – A value of $550

3 Lightbody activation sessions – A value of $75

6 Practice pod sessions – A value of $174

3 Dispensation calls with Demo and Q & A – A value of over $900

That is a program valued at $1699

AND it yours for almost than half of that!

The program is yours not for $1699

but instead 3 payments of $297


1 payment of $875

There are two ways to make your payments for each semester.

  1. Purchase an entire semester (3 month) program with one payment of $875.  Your secure payment can be made by clicking here
  2. Purchase the entire semester (3 month) program with 3 monthly payments of $297.  Your secure deposit can be made by clicking here

Rescheduling policies once enrolled:

Dispenstion Calls – There is one call scheduled call each month.  If you are unable to make the call, no worries, the call is recorded and link will be sent to you via email.

Personal sessions – You can reschedule or cancel your personal session using the link on your Schedulicity confirmation/reminder email.  Personal sessions require 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule.

Practice Pods – During first semester you are enrolled in two practice pods per month, date specified in this document.  More pod time are added to the calendar as they fill up.  You can reschedule your participation in a practice pod using the link in your schedulicity confirmation/ reminder email.  Pods can be made up if you have to reschedule.

Lightbody Activations – You are enrolled in one Lightbody Activation per month.  An activation enrollment can be changed by following the rescheduling link in your schedulicity enrollment confirmation/reminder email.

Cancelation Policy: Withdrawing from the program

Once enrolled in the training the enrollee has 7 days to cancel or withdraw from their commitment to the program.

Due to the intensive nature of this training, extenuating circumstances may arise, in which case Lightbody Therapeutics will allow a withdraw requiring a 30 days written notice and will be granted on a case by case basis.

Sorry, no refunds.  Your balance, however, is transferable to any other class, personal sessions, or packages.  You may also gift your session(s) to a friend or family member.

These training are intensive and are not appropriate for everybody.  Lightbody Therapeutics reserves to right to decline an applicants enrollment.

Lightbody Therapeutics reserves the right to cancel  training agreement at anytime.  A refund may be offered for the unattended portion of training.

Email: Christina with any questions