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The Looking Glass Project

The Looking Glass Project is a collection of programs that are  for wayshowers, energy workers, and intuitives that are dead serious about going beyond belief with their perceptions and abilities.

You know that intuition important because it lives within you.  To deny it or make it wrong creates inner confusion, self doubt, and listlessness.

When our alternate perceptual lenses become opened and cleared up, our awareness expands  EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY.  We become more solid and trusting in ourselves.

I’m here to tell you that you too can have that sense of interconnectedness deeper than you can ever believed possible when you open yourself to living multidimensionally.

I learned all this the hard way. (read about my story here)

I’m going to show you how to unlock your multidimensional nature and feel more compassion, connection, love, & empowerment than you ever known before.

I designed this advanced acceleration program with wayshowers and intuitives like you in mind.

There are FOUR ways to dive in!

1. The Independent Study Program* – Three months of group activations, dispensations, and book study with open access Q&A via secret FB group.


“I am loving this process and series of instructions. I am all aboard for as much of this school as I can gather! I love your teaching methods as well…There are certain tones that emanate from you that are extremely interesting…and they are healing! They sound ‘angelic’ …”

John E CA, 2016


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2. The Training Program* – You get everything with the Independent Study Program PLUS focused training in up to 12 additional training pod sessions.


“Words cannot do justice to how much my life has benefited working with Christina.  I have gained more of myself.  Not just an idea of myself but a real, true and strong self. My confusion and anxiety have decreased.  I feel lighter and more directed.  I feel excited about life.  Thank you Christina!”
-K.Rozen Durango, CO 2016

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3. Deep Dive Apprenticeship Program –  For six months, you get everything with The Training Program PLUS monthly coaching calls and private sessions.  This program is for shamanic healers, intuitives, and wayshowers ready to take a deep dive beyond the looking glass and see just how deep and expanded they can go and become a multidimensional accelerator.

“Christina is a gifted and heart-centered healer. Training with her has transformed me and healed deep wounds. After every Acceleration Intensive I feel a deep shift and feel more connected to myself – the me who is a spiritual being having a human experience. The Activations are powerful and the wonderful connection to a group of souls I’ve known forever is so healing I am sure I glow for days. I highly recommend the online training, Acceleration Intensives, and Activations – itwill transform your life. Thank you with deep deep munay Christina!”
S. DelMonte Avon, OH 2017


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4. Continuing Education Program*The Continuing Education Program module is for returning students that have completed 6 months online or in-person training with Christina.

“Working with Christina has definitely improved my quality of life. She offers multiple modalities to heal, expand your own knowledge and step into your own power. Definitely an out of this world experience!”
J. DelTorres Pueblo, CO2017


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The Curriculum

Step 1 Activating Multi-dimensional Lenses

You will be introduced to a Pleiadian teaching that opens the mental body and DNA field by activating specific perceptual lenses hard wired into our human physiology. The 9D activation sets the field for our launching point for the rest of the course.

Our journey into this topic will begin with Dispensation Call the first Saturday of each month.

Step 2 Releasing Multi-dimensional Blinders

We will explore shamanic tracking and how to following energy revealing blind spots as we explore. We will also look at shedding shielding mechanisms, beliefs and constructs that hinder our ability to connect with our personal inter-dimensional memories and perceptions.  This includes working in the akashic field and other aspects of the soul’s journey.

Step 3 Expanding Beyond the Known

There are many levels of existence overlaid on our reality. We will practice exploring realms outside of time and space. We will play with time lines and dissolve influences of alternate time lines affecting us in the here and now. Doing so deepens our claim of our sovereignty in these other levels of our existence.