Intuitive Development Program

Next semester begins October 7th 2017!

Registration is now open! 

Lightbody online Intuitive Development Training is a three month program for intuitives, energy workers, and empaths interested in accelerating their abilities.

Are you interested in accelerating your soul level gifts and enhance your multidimensional perceptions?

Empathic empowerment comes hand in hand with expanding one’s perceptions. With each dimension of perception we add to our awareness, we add an additional degree of empowerment and freedom to our lives.

Are you ready to be more potent and confident in your abilities?

If you are nodding your head “YES”.  You are in the right place.

The Lightbody intuitive development program will empower you with enhanced perceptions and equip you will powerful tools to command your energy like never before.

Awaken to accelerated energy medicine.

Hi, my name is Christina.

Let me show you how to accelerate your soul level gifts and expand your awareness beyond anything you thought possible.

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck?  No matter what you do or healers your see very little seems to shift?

There is a reason for the stuck-ness you are experiencing. The fact is, we are hard wired with lenses to perceive multidimensionally.  I want to show you how to open and work with these lenses of perceptions.  Doing so, accelerates your own soul level gifts and empowers you with an addition degree of  freedom in your life.

I have worked with masters and lineage holders for decades and now a new body of work has emerged that weaves all the wisdom teaching together. The result is a highly refined and accelerated energy medicine practice that deeply awakens and liberates people.

Are you longing to know other levels of your existence?

If so, welcome! You are in the right place 🙂

I look forward to working with you and furthering the expansion into your multidimensional nature.

In the highest love,



Intuitive Development Program: First Semester

This next semester, our focus will be:

1. Activating the multidimensional lenses that are hard wired into our physicality. Connecting with our star tribes and working with mastering 4D and 5D timelines.

2. Clearing away the blinding and binding constructs anchored with in our hyper dimensional bio-suite. Connecting with the highly specialized beings of your personal healing entourage.

3. Retrieving soul and essence lost throughout space and time and integrating our frequencies beyond the human experience.

*Scroll down for further details.
“…after our session (and for about a week) I wandered round with “fresh eyes” on the world.  I had a tremendous release of what can be described as invisible dead weight and was better able to connect into all that I do in a day, I was finally able to BE PRESENT…”
-R.B. Thorton, CO 2015


“…Christina Schwind is one of the most powerful psychic and empowered teachers I have encountered and I so hope many of you can experience the immense teachings she has to offer us.”

The Schedule:

Month 1 – Activating Multidimensional Lenses – Connecting with the “Light of Home”


You will be introduced to a pleiadian teaching that opens the mental mental body and DNA field by activating specific perceptual lenses hard wired into our human physiology. The 9D activation sets the field for our launching point for the rest of the course.

Our journey into this topic will begin with Dispensation Call July 1.  The lessons within the call with then be practiced and applied during the follow up activates.

Follow up activities:

One Topic specific Lightbody activation
Two practice pod sessions
One personal acceleration session


Month 2 –Releasing Multidimensional Blinders


During this month we will explore tracking and following energy. We will also look at shedding shielding mechanisms, beliefs and constructs that effect ability to connect with our personal interdimensional memories and perceptions.  You will be initiated into working with a personal healing entourage.

Our journey into this topic will begin with the monthly Dispensation Call.  The lessons within the call with then be practiced and applied during the follow up activates.

Follow up activities:

One Lightbody activation
Two practice pod sessions
One personal acceleration session


Month 3 –Going Beyond


There are many levels of existence over laid on our reality. We will practice exploring realms outside of time and space. We will play with time lines and dissolve influences of alternate time lines effecting us in the here and now.

Doing so deepens our claim of our sovereignty in these other levels of our existence.

Our journey into these topic will begin with a Dispensation Call. Each call will contain a dispensation section, a demo/activation, and Q & A. The lessons within the call with then be practiced and applied during the follow up activates such as the practice pods and activations.


“I am loving this process and series of instructions. I am all aboard for as much of this school as I can gather! I love your teaching methods as well…There are certain tones that emanate from you that are extremely interesting…and they are healing! They sound “angelic” …
John E. 2016


Christina Schwind is a compassionate and dynamic healer. The opportunity to work with her is like having a golden lottery ticket. She is profoundly gifted and it will change the way you move in the world. Aho..”
-Stacy L.  2016


I love it ! How do I enroll?

Click here to register for the Intuitive Development Program: First Semester 
Payment Plans available (see registration page)

Private Accelerated Energy Medicine sessions


During these session you will experience first hand your own accelerated transformation process.  We will track and unwind subconscious patterning within the body that are hindering your multi-dimensional lens from being fully activated and clear.  These template patterns are held into place by a range shock and traumas to past life promises, etc… During our time together we will track and unwind these template patterns through all time-space reality, resulting with your perceptual abilities unleashed for the rest of this lifetime.

Lightbody Activation group sessions via remote

Lightbody Activation awaken your psychic eye and inner knowing. During these sessions we will connect with a multidimensional entourage and activate light body templates that allows for personal expansion.  We apply powerful acceleration tools that facilitate rooting our awareness deeper into our core.

If you can’t make it live, no worries, you can access the recording and do it on your own time.  Each activation session has a theme that is our focus.

 Practice pod sessions

Practice pods is where the rubber meets the road and is by far everybody’s favorite part of the program.  Pods are were you get to shine and impress even yourself with your new awareness.  We will be practicing our tracking skills with each other in a small intimate group (maximum 4 students).

Some of the skills we practice during pod sessions:

-How to recognize when somebody in tracking you.
-Identifying somebody’s energy vs another person.
-Tracking energies that go off world or into other dimensions
-Tracking down lost essences and soul fragments through all space and time.
-What to do with the energies once tracked – exploring the unravel process.
…and much much more!

YES ! I’m ready for my acceleration! How do I get started?

Click here to register for the Intuitive Development Program: First Semester

Think you are a good fit but have more questions.  Email: Christina,

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Recommended Reading

“The Way Back Home” written by Bonnie Serratore

“Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions” by Barbara Hand Clow

“The Ninth Wave” by Carl Callaman



Rescheduling policies once enrolled:

Dispenstion Calls – There is one call scheduled call each month.  If you are unable to make the call, no worries, the call is recorded and will be sent to you via email.

Personal sessions – You can reschedule or cancel your personal session using the link on your Schedulicity confirmation/reminder email.  Personal sessions require 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule.

Practice Pods – During first semester you are enrolled in two practice pods per month, date specified in this document.  More pod time are added to the calendar as they fill up.  You can reschedule your participation in a practice pod using the link in your schedulicity confirmation/ reminder email.  Pods can be made up if you have to reschedule.

Lightbody Activations – You are enrolled in one Lightbody Activation per month.  An activation enrollment can be changed by following the rescheduling link in your schedulicity enrollment confirmation/reminder email.

Cancelation Policy: Withdrawing from the program

Once enrolled in the training the enrollee has 7 days to cancel or withdraw from their commitment to the program.

Due to the intensive nature of this training, extenuating circumstances may arise, in which case Lightbody Therapeutics will allow a withdraw requiring a 30 days written notice and will be granted on a case by case basis.

Sorry, no refunds.  Your balance, however, is transferable to any other class, personal sessions, or packages.  You may also gift your session(s) to a friend or family member.

These training are intensive and are not appropriate for everybody.  Lightbody Therapeutics reserves to right to decline an applicants enrollment.

Lightbody Therapeutics reserves the right to cancel  training agreement at anytime.  A refund may be offered for the unattended portion of training.

Email: Christina with any questions


Think you are a good fit but have more questions.  Email: Christina,