Ohio Events

Live keynote presentation : Wednesday, October 18th  Mentor, Ohio

Rise of the Multi-Dimensional Human

 Keys to Accelerating Full Spectrum Consciousness

We are all hard wired to perceive multi-dimensionally. Walking between realms is an innate human ability.  So, why does it appear that most of humanity lacks the ability?

The problem is that we have all been trained and conditioned with beliefs, conclusions, and traumas that blind us to ourselves. When our alternate perceptual lenses become opened and cleared up our awareness expands, easily and effortlessly. As we awaken to those other levels of Self, it is  realized that the reality we have been living is not the truth.

During this paradigm shattering discussion, we will be talking about multi-dimensional awarenesses, navigating time lines, keys to taking quantum leaps forward in your healing and intuitive abilities, much much more.

Immediately following the talk, Christina will offer a group acceleration session for those who wish to experience these cutting edge techniques and benefit from their multidimensional acceleration.

WHERE: 4700 Orchard Rd. Mentor, Ohio
WHEN: Wednesday, 10/18 @ 7pm
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Private in-person sessions with Christina are available Tuesday October 17th and Thursday October 19th
To schedule a private session contact RaeEllen 216.849.3581

Live  Evening Training Session – Friday October 20th

Empowered Empath Intensive

Do you “take on” other people’s energy? Do you know how to stop that from happening?

Our emotional bodies are powerful receptor tools. Its time to regain command of it and transend the need for shields and other types protections in order to feel safe in the world.

Are you an Empath that avoids public places because it is too over whelming?

During this introductory evening session we will explore and experience the nature of emotional and energetic exchanges. We will be redefining our relationship to our empathic gifts. You will experiences keys to transforming the burden of your sensitives into the greatest life blessing.

As you re-orientate to the true nature of your empathic gifts, it become clear as to why shielding doesn’t work, and more importantly, how shielding creates and maintains blind spots in our alternate perceptions.

For those who elect to continue onto the Multi-Dimensional Expeditions Saturday and Sunday, this evening class is highly recommended. It has a significant impact on our experience when we have proper relationship with our emotional body. This gives a leg up in cultivating command of our awarenesses on multi-dimensional levels.

Dates: Friday October 20th @ 5:30pm
Where: Bhumi’s Yoga and Wellness Center, 19322 E River Rd, Columbia Station, Ohio 44028
Investment: $75

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Multi-Dimensional Expedition Saturday and Sunday October 21st & 22nd

Multi-Dimensional Activation / Acceleration

Saturday Session, October 21st

Revealing the Multi-Layered realities that exist within our own is a deep inner attunement process.
Humanity is hard wired to perceive multi-dimensionaly, yet so many lack effortless access.
The Pleaidians brought teachings to this planet via several indigenous lineages and records keepers. Barabara Hand Clow, a sacred record keeper, brought forward teachings of how to open nine lenses of multi-dimensional perception.
According to the Pleaidians, achieving the ability to perceive these dimensions of reality SIMUTANIOUSLY is pivotal to the awakening of human genome.

There are many reasons why humanity is blind to the many levels and realities that exist within our own 3D space.
We will spend the day dissolving these blind spots and reclaiming these alternate levels of your existence.

The work of this workshop is to deepen the clarity of these lenses and then also activate additional lenses that allow us to see beyond the center of the Milkyway, and begin the reintegrating of these frequencies into our time body.

Integrating these frequencies into one’s consciousness accelerates the opeing of alternate perceptions, loosens the grip of belief systems and programing, and anchor’s our awareness whats in the here and now even more deeply into the body.
This day long workshop will prime our field for making contact with specific inter-dimensional beings and their realms.

When: Saturday, October 21st 10am-6pm*
Where: Bhumi’s Yoga & Teacher Trainings, 
19322 East River Rd, Columbia Station, Ohio 44028
Investment: $197
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Saturday session may be taken as a stand alone but it is a prerequisite for Sunday’s expedition to South Bass Island.

-Activation of the 1D-12D perceptions
-Unwinding subconsious bliders
-Tranversing multiple times lines
-Meeting your inter-dimensional representatives

Sunday Expedition October 22nd

We are in for a wonderful adventure making friends with some of our inter-dimensional neighbors. We will meet various representatives of specific inter-dimensional realms and potentially be given access to a massive city of beings that humanity has lost touch with many millennia ago. Saturday’s session is required to join the expedition. Friday evenings Empathic Empowerment session is highly recommended.

– Activating the 12 Dimensions
-Meeting our inter-dimensional representatives
-Tranvsing through the crystaline portal to an undisclosed location.
-shoring up the inter-dimensional communication lines


When: Saturday, October 21st 10am-6pm*
Where: Expedition to South Bass Island

Investment: $297 includes ferry and transportation on the island
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