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One-on-one sessions for personal transformation.

⇒Accelerated Transformation program- Transforms your burdens into your greatest blessings during this 3 month program.  Transform your chronic pain, stress, or anxieties into inner peace, acceptance and knowing.  Amp up your connection to your intuitive abilities while you shed the barriers that hold you back. 6packs and payment plans available.

Personal Sessions     Online scheduling

  • Intro Lightbody Assessment – (remote or in-person)  This is an introductory assessment where we discuss the current issue(s) affecting you as well as track into under lying causes in the lightbody blueprint.
  • Acceleration Sessions – (remote or in-person) These are accelerated energy medicine sessions where we focus on unraveling through all space, time and dimensions core level wounding, multidimensional interferences, soul & essence retrieval. Sessions are usually 45 min – 60 min in duration.  We suggest doing a series of these sessions for the work goes very deep.
  • Integrative wellness member bodywork session – (in person only)  These sessions are a combination of manual bodywork and an acceleration energy medicine.
  • Comprehensive House Clearing(in-person only)  This is an in-depth clearing of stagnation, intrusive energies, and entities, and beyond that are effecting your ability to feel calm and peaceful in your living space. This house clearing goes far deeper than any other means cleansing. Duration is usually between 3-8 hours per depending upon property size.

Christina Schwind is a compassionate and dynamic healer. The opportunity to work with her is like having a golden lottery ticket. She is profoundly gifted and it will change the way you move in the world. Aho..”
-Stacy L.  2016

Interested in your intuitive development ?

Classes/Workshops  Truth

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“I am loving this process and series of instructions. I am all aboard for as much of this school as I can gather! I love your teaching methods as well…There are certain tones that emanate from you that are extremely interesting…and they are healing! They sound “angelic” …
John E. 2016

LightbodyTherapeutics1Accelerated Energy Medicine Keynote presentation

Introduce your community to Accelerated Energy Medicine and what makes accelerated healing possible this day and age.  This custom keynote experience is a presentation followed by Q&A and a group activation/clearing.

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