Some links to support you on your journey…

Adina Rivers – She educates and empowers all people on the topics and depths of natural intimate health & beauty, conscious sexuality, conscious relationships, and self love. She unveils taboos associated with ones’ sexual wellbeing.

In my reality sex and spiritual development go hand in hand.  Intimacy is the practice of deep presence and love.  I love this woman’s work.  Just be warned that she means it when she say absolutely nothing is “taboo”.

Barbara Hand Clow This amazing woman completely changed my life in so many ways.  I have worked with her for many years annually at Lilidale in up-state New York.  The activation work we have done together for over a decade has had a profound impact on my work.  I happily pass on the teaching of the Pleiadian to further benefit the awakening of humanity.

Dolphin Star Temple – Amora Quan Yin is a brilliant being that anchored in Pleaidian Light work on this planet.  She also has had a huge influence in my development.  It because of here work that I began opening working with the our star families and groups of people.

Flying Rainbow Lasagna –  I really enjoy this interesting lady that is a “walk-in”.  That is a light being that “walked in” to an adult body.  Its not common but it happens.  She is all about teaching folks how to do what she did.  Which is open the multi-dimensional doorway to occupy a body that the original soul is leaving.  I find her work fascinating and clearly delivered.

Jasmuheen This woman has also had profound influence in my life.  She is an breatharian from Australia.  Her ground breaking work around pranic living and life style has impacted thousands of people all over the world.

Lilou Mac`e – This lovely french Goddess travels all over the world interviewing inspirational teacher and spiritual way-showers.

Labyrinth of the Psychonaut – This cat is a trip.  He made this video series pointing out crazy cool synchronicities in the collect 4D field and beyond referencing movies, video games and other elements of pop culture.

Raphael Bejarano – This man has produced some amazing sound journeys.  He traveled all over the world connecting with indigenous peoples and musician creating sacred music and so much more.

Red Ice Radio – This guy is a cool cat from Sweden.  He interviews folks from all over the world ranging in topics all over the spectrum of alternative perspectives.

Rysa5 – This guy does awesome transmission work of higher dimensional intelligences.

Spiritual Acceleration – This woman and her crew will rock your world if your are ready for it.  I have worked with and trained with Bonnie for several years.  She is the master blaster when it come to transformational energy medicine work.  I loved the SA work so much I persued an SA master teacher certification, it took about three years hitting it hardcore.

Teal Swan – This lovely multidimensional goddess shares super insightful videos around working with your emotions.  In my opinion, she is a excellent tracker and has really great info to share.

TEDx Talks – Great organization that fuels the world of sharing innovating thought and inventions.

True Divine Nature – Matt Khan records his channel sessions and works with group bring forward new paradigm teachings and perspectives.

UAMN TV –  Scientists Admit Super Psychic Kids ARE a New Human Species .The ‘New Humans’ are new generations of psychic children whose DNA is not like that of other humans.  GREAT video CHALKED FULL of good information.

William Linville – This guy is a trip! Another walk-in.  It took me a second to get used to his style, but his work is awesome.  He bring forward practical useful information.