“Christina is a gifted and heart-centered healer. Training with her has transformed me and healed deep wounds. After every Acceleration Intensive I feel a deep shift and feel more connected to myself – the me who is a spiritual being having a human experience. The Activations are powerful and the wonderful connection to a group of souls I’ve known forever is so healing I am sure I glow for days. I highly recommend the online training, Acceleration Intensives, and Activations – itwill transform your life. Thank you with deep deep munay Christina!”
S. DelMonte Avon, OH 2017

I would like to say thank you so much to Christina, watch her videos if you haven’t yet, they are life changing! The one on grounding and meditation with the sun for quick manifestations are some of my favorites. And unshielding! I was shielding and grounding with the earth instead of in my own body. Also I did an activation with her on a Saturday, it was very profound and has since changed the dynamic of the relationship with my mother/family. Thank you Christina for creating this phenomenal group and sharing your knowledge with us! If you haven’t booked a call yet to find out which of her programs are right for you, I highly recommend doing it!”
Karla G., 2017

I  LOVE and am Starstruck how you’re working through all time/space, I just went through the whole video and its like you were doing a private session – incredibly powerful, its truly beyond amazing. I’m honored to know you, even “by proxy”💜💜💜
Daniella L , GA 2017

“Working with Christina has definitely improved my quality of life. She offers multiple modalities to heal, expand your own knowledge and step into your own power. Definitely an out of this world experience!”
J. DelTorres Pueblo, CO2017

“Christina is a powerful and potent healer <3 Anyone who trains with her is bound for a transforming experience.”
Bonnie Serratore Longmont, CO 2017

“I am loving this process and series of instructions. I am all aboard for as much of this school as I can gather! I love your teaching methods as well…There are certain tones that emanate from you that are extremely interesting…and they are healing! They sound ‘angelic’ …”

John E CA, 2016

“Excellent. Christina has such a loving heart and explains things well. Healing is easier with the correct tools.”
Julie Buckeye  2016

“Christina’s work is revolutionary and life changing. Highly recommended.”
Lonny Le Coulter. Columbus, OH 2016


“Words cannot do justice to how much my life has benefited working with Christina.  I have gained more of myself.  Not just an idea of myself but a real, true and strong self. My confusion and anxiety have decreased.  I feel lighter and more directed.  I feel excited about life.  Thank you Christina!”
-K.Rozen Durango, CO 2016


“Five stars! Priceless, life altering experiences. Highly recommended!”
Christi W. S. Jefferson, OH 2016


“Christina truly has gift of seeing the greater goal and whole for each client she works with. She has a vision that heals and potentially give an opportunity to those who wish to take advantage of new insight to their quality of life.  I felt lighter and not weighed as down. I could also see some of the interferences be removed and I had a sense that something was different in how I felt after the session. Most notably it seems to be permanent. It seems to be a lasting shift of perception.  I also felt my every day life had changed and through my interaction with others. I felt more freed up in how I expressed myself”
-RES  Akron, OH 2016


“[after my session] I feel more embodied. My energy feels more grounded and organized. I’m keenly aware of the connection between my throat, heat and sacral chakras now…during our session, she was fully present, confident in the work, connected and she read me beautifully. I was able to track her as she worked in my body and energy field. We had a superb connection …”
-Kate S. Longmont, CO 2016


“…Christina Schwind is one of the most powerful psychic and empowered teachers I have encountered and I so hope many of you can experience the immense teachings she has to offer us.”
-Pati T. Florissant, CO 2016


Christina Schwind is a compassionate and dynamic healer. The opportunity to work with her is like having a golden lottery ticket. She is profoundly gifted and it will change the way you move in the world. Aho..”
-Stacy L. Louisville 2016

Christina Schwind is an amazing practitioner – she is constantly innovating, bending energy in new ways and stretching our team to expand. She has been such a wonderful force to have on our team  Check her out! I can’t recommend her sessions enough.”
Bonnie S.
SpiritualAcceleration.com 2015


“…after our session (and for about a week) I wandered round with “fresh eyes” on the world.  I had a tremendous release of what can be described as invisible dead weight and was better able to connect into all that I do in a day, I was finally able to BE PRESENT…”
-R.B. Thorton, CO 2015


“Christina Schwind is unlike anyone I have ever met. Her ability to pierce through to the core of my problems and heal the true cause of them is unbelievable. I have experienced tangible, fast, and effective change from our work together. She is both spectacularly enjoyable and fun to work with as well as a brilliant practitioner. She has brought a new sparkle into my life – I feel more brave, wild, and authentically me every day. If you are looking for that big leap forward into something new, Christina is your woman.”
-Shelby R Longmont, CO 2015Rumi2


“Christina is a truly gifted energy and body worker. she always gets to the core issue I am struggling with at the moment and works with me through it! Her knowledge and wisdom with the human body is extraordinary, I always find relief after getting body work. But what I really go see her for is helping heal core spiritual and emotional wounds from the past. She is able to see clearly the issue and guide me through the resolution of it. Thank you Christina, you are awesome!”
-Karen J. Berthoud, CO 2015


“Christina is very thorough in her Energy Healing work. She tracked the triggers, emotions, and trauma’s that were holding me back from my every day tasks. Thank you Christina for taking the time to listen, clear, and bring healing! 🙂 I highly recommend her!! <3”
-Trixie P. Longmont, CO 2015


“Christina is the real deal. Her insight is so far beyond any other intuitive I have ever experienced. She has a unique approach to helping you tap into your inner voice and soul purpose. I really appreciate the tools that she provides me to practically make change in my life. She has taught me a simple but highly effective way to tap into my intuition. Christina takes the approach of self-empowerment and I have noticed a distinct difference in my own self-confidence and self-reliance as a result.”
-Stacy H. Lafayette 2013


“Christina is a very knowledgeable body worker. She goes beyond your expectations, if you let her work in the freedom of her existence.  Always a pleasure to reconnect with her!”
-Wilhelmina M. Guthrie, OK 2012


Socrates1“Christina is an exceptionally gifted, skilled, intuitive and intelligent body worker…I feel like a revitalized person after she performs her magic and wholeheartedly recommend Lightbody Therapeutics.”
-D.D. Longmont, CO 2011


“I’ve enjoyed each and every session with Christina.  She listens and varies her approach depending on the needs you express as well as what your body tells her you need…”
-T.T. Boulder,CO 2011