Christina is a master tracker and multi-dimensional activator assisting people with their spiritual awakening and mastery.  She specializes in resolving chronic anxiety and other conditions with accelerated energy medicine and cutting edge light body healing techniques bring a deeper level of peace, acceptance and inner knowing.  From transforming physical and emotional burdens into blessings to opening and enhancing one’s psychic awareness, working with Christina will bring powerful change now into your life.

We are located in Downtown Longmont, CO

442 Main Street

Longmont, CO 80501

Furthermost eastern door along the breezeway.

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Established in 2011 in Boulder, COofficecorner

Lightbody Therapeutics officially opened it’s doors in  2011 with the purpose of supporting optimal health and wellness with orthopedic body work, energy medicine, and light body therapy.

In less than two years Lightbody grew into a thriving practice improving the quality of living for hundreds of clients.

In 2014 Lightbody moved it’s energy medicine practice to old town Longmont, CO.  Now offering intuitive development training for empaths and intuitives in addition private acceleration sessions. With generous support from our clients and students, Lightbody Inc is a thriving energy medicine practice it is today.

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Christina S.
Business Owner
She is a potent tracker and light body acceleration practitioner with rare mastery of energy medicine. Her style is extremely effective in releasing shock, trauma, stuck emotional energy, and other sources of chronic pain, stress & anxiety from the body.

In the beginning of her practice, Christina integrated her clinical and intuitive training to treat chronic pain with orthopedic body work and energy medicine.

She has practiced as a professional multi-dimensional body worker for over a decade. Sharing wisdom teachings and assisting other’s in transforming their lives and quality of living. She has a unique and thorough approach to resolving chronic issues, physical effects of stress, and emotional anxiety with accelerated energy medicine techniques.

The latest installment of her work is offering Lightbody coaching program for healers, empaths, and the psychically sensitive to accelerate and enhance their skill-sets and ability to move more freely in the world.

Her energy medicine training began as a young adult with indigenous elders mastering the multidimensional activation process, tracking energies, and working with beings of the unseen worlds. Today, she enjoys empowering and awakening others to their multidimensional awareness of their true nature.