My Story…

It’s probably helpful that I share with you a defining moment, that brought me to where I am today – guiding seasoned healers and mentoring budding starseeds on exactly how to cast off the misinformation that plagues energy work in a way that further accelerate their unique abilities, and step into their multi-dimensional mastery.


That defining moment in my life happened in 1994.


I was born in the early 70s – one of those early Indigos. I knew, I just knew that something wasn’t right with our world. My family had its issues with addictions and abuse.   I learned how to escape at an early age. I would spend hours and hours playing alone – out in nature somewhere. I was filled with the desire to be close to God.  I remember a time when I was 5, sitting in a church pew knowing that none of the adults around me had a clue how to connect with god. Later in my adolescence, I spoke out loud about my love for creator and that I thought about living as a nun.  This was the only example of what a life loving God looked like.   When I said it out loud, my family laughed their asses off.


It broke my heart and a part of myself shriveled up and hid away.


Many years later, I learned that empaths who are not able to feel connected inside often take one of these 3 paths – suicide, nervous break down and end up in the psychiatric care, and/or drugs. For me, I dove headfirst into drugs and sex. I fully embraced countercultures. I found this to be the closest thing yet to what could be considered freedom, authenticity.  I thought I was setting myself free with hallucinogens and wild behavior.  A part of me knew it wasn’t the right way to live, but it was better than anything else I had been exposed to at the time.


I had wild highs and lows.  One rock bottom feeling day, I felt so awful inside, I just wanted out… for it all to end.  I went out into the woods with mushrooms. But this time, instead of partying, I sat alone and prayed. “Please, please, please help me, I do not want to feel this awfulness inside anymore.” I pleaded. “This world is so messed up. I don’t belong here.  I don’t want to feel this way anymore” And that is when the miraculous flooded in, in a form of an impossible swarm of millions of fireflies.  They poured out of a tree like a mist.  Doorways to realms within realms opened.  I watched them dance all around me. I heard the songs of nature beings all around. The magnificence of the true reality clicked into my view. Everything is alive and conscious! And I was deeply connected with all of nature.


Instead of dying that night, I awoke to realms within, the truth of what I was – as a multi-dimensional being was revealed to me. I reclaimed my essence, opened back up to my knowing, and realized the choices I was making for myself were causing my misery.  I was trying to live by the rules of a false reality that I knew was not right.


I began to accept that I see things very differently than most.  My connection to Source IS my inner compass.  I stopped accepting the programmed reality that most of humanity lived.


I could not pretend or unknow what just awoke inside.  It was liberating and terrifying


Ever since that moment it was like ‘GAME ON!’. The universe arranged perfectly the experiences I needed to grow and deepen. Eventually I became ready to re-unite with my Sirian and Pleiadean counterparts and become reconnected into the stellar networks of consciousness. Soon after that I began guiding others in opening their perceptual lenses to perceive inter-stellar communications, the realms within realms and beyond.


I’ve spent over 20 years training and practicing, cleaning up my past, unlearning thousands of years of conditioning. I’ve had the honor to work with elders and grand masters of ancient lineages.   I traveled and hiked through deep jungles and remote mountain tops, seeking my liberation, true freedom within myself.

Each and every one of those medicine peoples and grand masters, lovingly gifted the transmissions of their lineages and other deeply held secrets. During these times –  the times that we are in right now – awakening tools will become open-source code to assist in the acceleration of humanity’s consciousness.


I have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life helping intuitives and starseeds end their doubts in their alternative perceptions and not only step into their power as multidimensional beings, but stand in it…as it is second nature.


I’ve worked with many private clients, done talks and activations for countless groups all over the world: Mastering the mutli-dimensional acceleration process.

Living with inner freedom, feeling secure in one’s natural radiance, and allowing one’s self to have a blast creating and weaving new ways of living into today’s reality, is what being a multi-dimensional human is all about.  Today, I live a life of liberation and fulfillment, fully embracing my alternate awareness and weaving new levels of reality into the human experience.  Truly magic abounds!


Do I have to have a lot of experience to work with you?


It’s all about the depth of your ‘yes’ inside for your personal acceleration.  I work with clients who are just like you that have a great big “YES” for their acceleration and expansion into other levels of their existence. You may be a seasoned healer that feels a pulling to expand into the next level of their work or a budding starseed that knows this reality is not real, but is not sure how to exit the ‘Matrix’.


Well, I’m the white rabbit that can guide you through an accelerated process like no other. I am an early generation Indigo starseed and have worked with masters and lineage holders for decades. I’m living proof the acceleration process is so.  A new body of work has emerged that is a highly refined and accelerated energy medicine practice that deeply awakens and liberates people.


I work with healers, empaths, and the psychically sensitive to accelerate and enhance their skill-sets and ability to move more freely in the world.


Empowerment comes hand in hand with expanding one’s perceptions. With each dimension of perception we add to our awareness, we add an additional degrees of empowerment and freedom to our lives in this reality.


The Multi-Dimensional Acceleration intensives, activations and trainings were created for people who are absolutely excited and dead serious about accelerating their abilities and standing in their empowerment – it means no longer feeling like you need to shield and protect yourself from the energy of negativity OR doubting and dismissing what your alternate awareness are showing you.


Does this really work?

Yes! The result of our work is an approach to shifting your human experience in profound and empowering ways.  Lightbody Acceleration Training is a three month program for intuitives, energy workers, and empaths interested in expanding and accelerating their abilities.


Here’s what other practitioners are saying…


“…Christina Schwind is one of the most powerful psychic and empowered teachers I have encountered and I so hope many of you can experience the immense teachings she has to offer us.” -PTurner 2016


“I am loving this process and series of instructions. I am all aboard for as much of this school as I can gather! I love your teaching methods as well…There are certain tones that emanate from you that are extremely interesting…and they are healing! They sound “angelic” John E. 2016


“Christina Schwind is a compassionate and dynamic healer. The opportunity to work with her is like having a golden lottery ticket. She is profoundly gifted and it will change the way you move in the world. Aho..”  -Stacy L. 2016


“Christina is a gifted and heart-centered healer. Training with her has transformed me and healed deep wounds. After every Acceleration Intensive I feel a deep shift and feel more connected to myself – the me who is a spiritual being having a human experience. The Activations are powerful and the wonderful connection to a group of souls I’ve known forever is so healing I am sure I glow for days. I highly recommend the online training, Acceleration Intensives, and Activations – it will transform your life. Thank you with deep deep munay Christina!” Delmonte 2017


“Working with Christina has definitely improved my quality of life. She offers multiple modalities to heal, expand your own knowledge and step into your own power. Definitely an out of this world experience!” DelTorres 2017

I feel my “YES!”  How do I get started?