You are now enrolled!

Congratulations 🙂

I’m totally stoked to have you on board for our next multidimensional adventure.  You see I’m all about awakening folks to

Here is what to expect next.

Keep an eye out for your confirmation emails. They will be sent to you confirming the dates and times of your enrollment in the dispensation calls, pod sessions, and Lightbody Activations.

You may have to check your promo or spam folders to catch these emails.  If that happens, you can indicate that the email is not spam so it will go directly into your inbox.

We will communicate via email to schedule your private one 0n one sessions.

Pod sessions, Lightbody Activations and private sessions can be canceled or rescheduled via the link at the bottom of your confirmation and reminder email.  So, they can be very convenient in that way. Click here to view rescheduling policies.

Dispensation calls and Lightbody Activations will be done through Zoom.  This is a webinar software that allows us to record our sessions and share the recording via a link.  If accessing zoom sessions from a smartphone or tablet, you will be prompted to install the Zoom app.  I highly suggest that you make the necessary preparation 24 hours prior to the call.  This way you’ll have ample time to iron out any technical kinks that may arise.  The call can also be accessed via phone #.

There is a recommended reading list.  These books can be very helpful during our journey down the rabbit hole 😉

I recommend reading “Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions” before class begins.  It services as a foundation understanding that will be referenced the entire semester.

Recommended Reading

“The Way Back Home” written by Bonnie Serratore

“Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions” by Barbara Hand Clow

“The Ninth Wave” by Carl Callaman

“PRANIC NOURISHMENT – Nutrition for the New Millennium” by Jasmuheen